Expression of Interest to Purchase

St. James Stage 1

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This form can be submitted multiple times if you are registering with both builders


Important Information

I acknowledge that this EOI is not a contract of sale nor shall be deemed to be a contract of sale or a binding legal agreement to sell the selected lot. No legal or other obligations will arise between you and the vendor until both parties proceed to execute formal documentation in accordance with this EOI.

I acknowledge that multiple factors will affect the order in which the vendor contacts purchasers; including date of submission, allotment preferences, prior discussions with builders, and readiness to proceed. In the event that a clear order cannot be determined, submissions may be selected at random.

I acknowledge that if I am successful in securing an allotment, a 10% deposit is required to be paid to the vendor as required under the contract of sale. Contracts of sale will be prepared from Monday 31 July 2023 and issued via DocuSign. All contracts of sale will be unconditional.

I acknowledge that an initial deposit is to be paid to the builder and a preliminary works agreement is to be signed within 14 days of signing the land contract.

I acknowledge that any remaing allotments will become available to the public on Monday 31 July 2023.