St James Kidman Park

Stage 1 Now Selling

Discover a place where modern living embraces nature, and where you can live a complete and balanced lifestyle.


Experience the epitome of refined living at St James - an exclusive development that redefines the art of neighborhood living through its meticulously crafted precincts.

Valetta Promenade

First stages now selling

Step into a world of elegance as you enter St James through the grandeur of Valetta Promenade. Our first release offers meticulously designed homes that boast not only striking aesthetics but also an unmatched street presence. These homes are tailored to suit diverse lifestyles, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor living, with expansive interiors that seamlessly connect to private rear open spaces. As you stroll down the green streets of Valetta Promenade, you'll be greeted by an inviting statement entrance, towering trees, and ample off-street parking. Experience the convenience of being just a 5-minute walk away from Valetta Road's transport connections while reveling in proximity to the serene River Torrens.

St James Place

Anticipated 2024

Discover the bustling heart of St James in the vibrant St James Place precinct. This dynamic hub offers a blend of intimate commercial spaces and modern apartment living. Nestled at the crossroads of Findon and Valetta Road, St James Place serves as a community focal point, seamlessly connecting residents and welcoming the broader Kidman Park neighborhood. As you explore the intricacies of St James Place, you'll find it serves as the gateway to the linear open space network, a tranquil route through arbors and natural landscapes leading to the picturesque River Torrens.

Central Park

Anticipated 2025

Elevate your lifestyle in the Central Park neighborhood, which forms the nexus between St James and Findon Road. Immerse yourself in a meticulously designed landscape that creates an impressive sense of arrival. The Central Park precinct presents an oasis of high-quality open spaces, enhancing the charm of St James. With an emphasis on an urban village lifestyle, Central Park beckons with options ranging from charming small lots to modern apartments, promising a unique and enriching community experience.

Veneti Place

Anticipated 2026

Embrace serenity in the tranquil enclave of Veneti Place, where green streetscapes and a calming traffic flow set the scene. Drawing inspiration from the social heritage of early Veneti migrants in Kidman Park, this neighborhood captures the essence of indoor/outdoor Australian living. A variety of two-story homes will grace the landscape, carrying forward the tradition of shared conversations and the relaxed spirit of daily life. Veneti Place celebrates an inviting atmosphere, fostering connections and relaxation.


Anticipated 2027

Nestled amid nature's beauty, the Greenwood neighborhood offers a seamless connection to the River Torrens linear park precinct. Revel in homes designed to capture breathtaking views of the river and the internal linear walkways within St James. Featuring high-quality terrace and small lot residences, Greenwood seamlessly integrates the lush tree landscapes of the Torrens into the fabric of the development. Indulge in luxury living that strikes a harmonious balance between opulent lifestyle and low-maintenance convenience.

Keele Bridge

Anticipated 2028

Elevate your senses at the pinnacle of St James - Keele Bridge. This prestigious precinct stands as a testament to modernity, offering a network of charming lanes and thoroughfares that house contemporary apartments and townhouses. Named after the historic Keele Bridge, which once connected communities, this area captivates with unobstructed views of the scenic River Torrens. Ground-floor activations such as cafes and local shops infuse vibrancy into the atmosphere, while the direct connection to the stunning central open space establishes Keele Bridge as an iconic gem within St James.

Join us at St James, where every neighborhood tells a unique story, and every residence is a masterpiece of design, comfort, and connection. Embrace a lifestyle that seamlessly blends convenience, beauty, and community at every turn